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The Quinn books I ordered started arriving. I finished up My Ishmael, which you may remember I started while in Santa Fe, and it kicks royal ass. Better than Ishmael and The Story of B both in explaining how the Taker control system works and what we can do about it.

I also finished a book called Shakkai by Lynn V. Andrews, but wouldn't recommend it. Very little in it rings true to me, and isn't even all that entertaining as fiction. According to the jacket cover, it wasn't even intended for male readers, so maybe that's the problem.

Then yesterday I started another book, Power Vs. Force by David R. Hawkins. Highly recommended. Except for some utter bogosity in relating his system to societal structure, which probably brings down the book's own "point value" by several points (I may test to find out, once I finish the book), it looks like the best approach yet to gain access to the Akashic Records without having to have any spiritual openness. If my suspicion is correct, the globalists forced the publisher to insert those 2 or 3 pages of antitribal nonsense.

Had a weird dream night before last. I was in a hilly area of a city somewhat reminiscent of San Diego, heading up a steep street which as I continued actually turned out to be a 90-degree incline; I was climbing up the side of a building, just by grabbing onto the 1/4 inch or so ledges formed in the concrete. Almost effortlessly, I reached the top; it was all laid out in dark granite, like a mausoleum or funeral home or something, and there was a funeral going on towards the center of the floor, which was partly roofed. I went over to find the elevator back down, and it reached the top just as I got there; but it was some crazy kind of elevator, just a sofa rigged with rope or bungee cords or something. I got in anyway, but after going down one floor lost my balance, and started swinging back-and-forth way out over the city, sitting in that sofa attached to bungee cords. Then I woke up. Freaky.



It was bound to happen sooner or later.

JConnect Free Team to jc

Dear John,

Your jConnect Free account is designed to sample our service or to receive less than 20 fax pages per month.

In the last month, you received 21 or more fax pages at the number 1-425-940-8061 (not including messages sent directly by j2).

To continue at your present level of usage and avoid service interruption, you must upgrade to jConnect Premier.

They give you a free fax number to use. It receives spam faxes from the get-go. Once the number of spam faxes reaches their highwater mark they can hit you up for the premium service. What a crock of shit. At least they gave me several months of spam faxes almost every day before they theatened to terminate it. But hey, what do you expect for free? I'll just get a new number and be good for at least another month. [comment]


Up to p. 700 of Leon Uris' excellent historical novel Trinity, having completed one programming project and waiting on the arrival of another Sony Clié before I can continue with the other. DHL should have it here tomorrow; got it for about $220 on eBay. Don't know what happened to the old one but one day it just wouldn't come back on...

The play Trouble in Columbus has finished its run at the Tumbleweed Theater, and things are once again quiet at City of the Sun. Last night we had a guest speaker, Harvey Lisle, a famous student of the anthroposophist Rudolph Steiner and a pioneer in earth-friendly agricultural methods such as biodynamics. He's also a dowser of note, and demonstrated his technique with both L-rods and the Y-rod, the latter of which he had made with two flexible plastic rods joined by a wirenut. Plus, he gave his bread recipe: allow biodynamically-grown wheat to sprout for 3 days, then blend it. Form into large balls and put into the oven for 2.5 hours at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Result: dark, rich, tasty nutritious bread with no added water, yeast, salt, oil, sugars or anything else you can think of: 100% pure wheat.

I had a number of other things to share but can't think of them now. Plus some more things I'm not yet ready to share. Be patient... my life is kind of in a shambles at the moment. But I'm a survivor. [comment]


A lot going on in my life right now, back on the emotional roller-coaster. Keeping some stability by working; two jobs on the front burner and two more simmering.

Turns out the internet cafe may be still intact after all; the webcam images can possibly be explained by a power outage, though I can't see how. Anyway, I've written it off and am in the process of starting over with an Unternet at City of the Sun. My 80-watt PV panel and a Linksys WRT54G with Sveasoft firmware will be its core for now. By the way, have you seen The Individual's experiences with Sveasoft's one-man band, James Ewing. The threats are reminiscent of those I experienced last year when Justin Spence and I turned the slashdot spotlight on some low-level Philly mob operations in order to get our money back. But Ewing has more gray matter than the average mobster from South Philly, so let's see if he can deprogram himself from that tough-guy mentality before it destroys his business. [comment]


Those flatproof tubes I mentioned are available online at NoMorFlats.com. Just bought two with the proceeds from my recently-completed programming job, and will probably get two more if I figure out how to make a decent trailer for my 80W solar panel. A cool dude named Mars here in Columbus is willing to help with the R&D -- he owns the junk shop where I can get all the parts and tools I might need, just south of the Columbus museum on highway 11. There are also some locally-made flatproof tires available in Deming, but Mars says they don't have any "give" and will quickly wear out spokes and rims.

This City of the Sun is a cool community, but as I may have mentioned before there are two others I'm interested in visiting. One is Gaviotas in Colombia, and another is the Walden II community Los Horcones near Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Both are, of course, more dangerous to get to, especially the former, but wtf. You only live once, as far as I know. [comment]


Looks like someone broke into my internet cafe. Caught some action on my webcam before it died, but couldn't identify anybody. Yet. Little do they know, I might be able to track them once they turn the computer on...

Didn't know that you could get $50 cash back from any Post Office when you buy stamps or whatever with a debit card. A handy service in a town with no ATM, like Columbus, NM. [comment]


I did it. Started at about 3 AM, and walked/rode to City of the Sun; took me till about 2 in the afternoon. Not good for only 31 miles, but what the heck. I took a couple of naps on the way too. What's important is, the PV panel is still usable, despite another flip when some asshole ran me off the road.

Anyway, the library was still open so I could check my email, and it turns out I had borked the upload to my server, and my customer couldn't download the software. Damn. Fixed that, but won't know for a while if it's good enough to get my moolah.

Spent the night in a guest house at City of the Sun, and got my first good sleep since leaving Rosarito. Just waiting for a restaurant to open so I can get me some decent food. Those pistachios I ate all the way from Deming gave me so much gas, I could have almost propelled myself here by the farts. And the restaurants were all closed by the time I got done checking my email, so my dinner yesterday was microwaved goop at the gas station.

I submitted a slashdot story about the whitenoise software, but no takers. [comment]


Back at Holiday Inn, in the restaurant drinking Jack Daniels and coffee and using the free wifi. Last night was wicked cold, and tonight will be the same or worse, with possibly some rain in the mix. I want to get out of here. I still want to work on my lot but not in this weather. I'm seriously considering trying the ride into Columbus tonight. All I need is a bungee cord, I think, to fasten my two bags securely enough to the "trailer" and it shouldn't be too bad. Unless it rains. I'll wait until maybe 3AM or so, so if all goes well I'll be pulling into City of the Sun at 9 or 10. [comment]

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