It was bound to happen sooner or later.

JConnect Free Team to jc

Dear John,

Your jConnect Free account is designed to sample our service or to receive less than 20 fax pages per month.

In the last month, you received 21 or more fax pages at the number 1-425-940-8061 (not including messages sent directly by j2).

To continue at your present level of usage and avoid service interruption, you must upgrade to jConnect Premier.

They give you a free fax number to use. It receives spam faxes from the get-go. Once the number of spam faxes reaches their highwater mark they can hit you up for the premium service. What a crock of shit. At least they gave me several months of spam faxes almost every day before they theatened to terminate it. But hey, what do you expect for free? I'll just get a new number and be good for at least another month.

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