I did it. Started at about 3 AM, and walked/rode to City of the Sun; took me till about 2 in the afternoon. Not good for only 31 miles, but what the heck. I took a couple of naps on the way too. What's important is, the PV panel is still usable, despite another flip when some asshole ran me off the road.

Anyway, the library was still open so I could check my email, and it turns out I had borked the upload to my server, and my customer couldn't download the software. Damn. Fixed that, but won't know for a while if it's good enough to get my moolah.

Spent the night in a guest house at City of the Sun, and got my first good sleep since leaving Rosarito. Just waiting for a restaurant to open so I can get me some decent food. Those pistachios I ate all the way from Deming gave me so much gas, I could have almost propelled myself here by the farts. And the restaurants were all closed by the time I got done checking my email, so my dinner yesterday was microwaved goop at the gas station.

I submitted a slashdot story about the whitenoise software, but no takers.

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