I remembered the $70 I have in savings at RCU, and combined with the cash balances I have at BofI and Schwab, I was $35 in the black for the month. So I went and took that out, and as long as I overcompensate when my SSA "check" comes in, I won't lose anything in fees. Now I've got enough money to get me through the last few days until payday without going to bed hungry.

Drank the last of that Dr. Jekyll's "Beer Attack" Irish-style red ale. What an unbelievable bargain that was at $2 a six-pack.

Tried out the bike lockers today for storing my Safeway purchases while I went to Grocery Outlet and Dollar Tree. The only thing I ended up buying was a knife from the latter, $1.08 with tax. Total expenditures for the day amounted to under $9, so I've still got $26 and change until the 20th. I'm really hankering for some meat, but didn't want to spend even the last-chance discounted prices at Safeway or Grocery Outlet. Too much for too little!

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