I keep forgetting to add: lately I haven't had any problem with my Coleman dual-fuel stove having a sooty yellow flame after turning it off. Maybe the kerosene I tried to use when I first brought it home after seeing it on English Street with a "Free" sign next to it has finally burned off. However, I'm getting gasoline on my fingers every time I start it, due to it leaking out of the flame adjustment packing nut, which I've already tightened as much as I dare. I guess I'll have to buy some packing. Still have at least 4 days to go until payday, and my usual reservations about spending beyond my means are bolstered by my Bank of America credit card failing on both the chip and magstripe. This is going to be challenging.

I tried making cornbread according to this recipe tonight, and if I hadn't forgotten to add the salt, it may have been pretty good. But I did (forget the salt). I'm thinking of trading some wine for salt and cabbage, so I can make some more sauerkraut. Payette's lasted me well over two months without refrigeration, better than anything I've ever done.

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