Bought my Flixbus ticket from SF to LA this fall, on my way to Tijuana where I already have a flight booked to La Paz. They supposedly have $1 fares just like Megabus, but because they have very few buses running every week, all the cheap fares are taken. I spent $22.24. I then found out they would have taken me all the way to San Diego for only about $10 more, but I didn't bother changing it because I don't know if I want to stay on the same bus for all that distance. I might be willing to spend a few dollars more to take Metrorail to Oceanside and take the NCTD buses and the MTA, or even walk the 60-something miles to the Tijuana airport. I'm going to have a few days, after all.

I've got 5 more days until payday on the 20th. Plenty of wine; barely enough carbs; no animal protein left. I've got about a dollar in change, and once I drink the rest of my beer I'll have enough cans and bottles for about another dollar. If that doesn't score me something I'll have to get creative.

Got one more case brief to write and then I can submit the whole batch to NWCU and see if I pass. Less than 200 pages left of the Contracts casebook to go, and probably a similar story on Torts and Criminal Law. Then it'll be mostly practicing for the FYSLX, or "baby bar" exam.

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