I woke up a little while ago and started thinking about a way to suck a vacuum on the whole house if a fly got in. the little bastard can't fly, and even if you don't bother to chase him he probably can't hold his breath as long as you or I can before he dies.

that's totally impractical, but it got to ideas about spacesuits and testing them out, while breathing through a tube connected to the outside. then through a tube connected to another enclosed area where plants are growing, producing the oxygen. this way I can practice living on the moon long before I have the means to get there.

I'll have to send up a few rockets full of supplies before I go. I have to land them on the "dark side" to keep my promise to Charles Cameron, so will need a reflector to bounce off communications. I wonder if I could use what the Chinese put in place, or if they're using an encrypted router instead of a mirror?

so many questions. I could and probably should go back to sleep now, because it's only 2:35 local time, but don't think I can. maybe I can get some programming done. sure haven't been able to the last few days, for whatever reason.

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