went for a long jog/walk today, out to Soriana and back. jogged for the first half hour and got to the corner of Farías and Colosio. left at 12:53 and got back at 4:07.

my "garden" in the arroyo north of Home Depot is a wasteland this year. still lots of native amaranth, but no tomatoes, squashes, or mint. lots of cockleburs where there wasn't before.

found real butter at Soriana, their own brand, MXN13.90 for a 90g stick, which works out to about USD3.75 per pound. not bad at all, and their breads are as low as 1.6 pesos for a whole wheat roll, under 9 cents. for those prices I could live on just bread and butter for a while, without even having to cook. too bad the nearest Soriana is about 3 miles away, where Mega used to be.

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