there are still yellow plums in the no-man's-land on the east end of the pedestrian overpass. need to carry a blanket or dropcloth and stick with a hook end for shaking branches.

foraged a few large chestnuts today after mashing my acorn harvest and taking it to leach in the creek for a while. picked up a couple of tomatoes from a park bench along the way.

now that I have a roll-up solar panel, I should design a small electric oven, just big enough to cook 1/4 pound of hamburg.

some more musings: I asked an old lady along the path what was the city doing with all the heavy machinery along the creek. she said "widening the river. it was too narrow." I didn't ask, but wondered, too narrow for what or whom? the water doesn't seem to care.

the steel plate and door on the east side of the overpass should be removed. muggers could hide behind it.

someone has begun the destruction of the large conduit along the south floodwall of the river and is removing (and presumably selling) the copper (or is it alunminum? didn't check) wire. makes perfect sense that the city is spending money on the goddamned creek and not protecting their existing infrastructure. NOT.

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