Strange dreams last night. In one, I was a slave of sorts, in front of a group of people naked and I was supposed to masturbate for their enjoyment. Being the rebel I am, I turned over so my ass was in the air with my back to them so they couldn't see me as I attempted to jerk off. Finally, though, I was unable to cum, then I looked and a pretty blonde was there on stage with me. She was facing the wall to my left and stroking herself. I lowered my body, showing her my erection, and gestured with my hands as if to say "go ahead and use it if you want". She acquiesced but I woke up before she got to me. Damn.

Then I was working in a hospital or nursing home which I've seen in many of my dreams. It's a narrow one-story building that runs up a hill, although this time I was only in the level part of the building at the bottom of the hill. I was a contractor of sorts; few of the regular staff knew who I was but most ignored me. I'd get a urine sample from one of the nurses and I'd run down to the lab with it. There was always a clean sample bottle for me to pour out part of the sample for analysis. The second or third time I went there I wondered about that, and thought that maybe I should be leaving the lab as I'd found it each time. Anyway, one time a good-looking lady with a severe expression came into the lab while I was working at the analyzer machines, and just stared at me. I said something like, "What can I do for you, miss?... or am I in your way?... or..."; while I was saying that, my vision suddenly went blank, or rather, became like a computer screen with a white background and some icons on it. Anyway, I suddenly feared I was going to be arrested, and woke up.

After recently rereading Leon Uris's Trinity I'm inspired to write a stageplay or screenplay of The Capture of Conor Larkin, covering the period right after Sixmilecross to his escape from prison. If anyone knows of some free Linux software to assist with that (like the Windows / Mac "Final Draft" program) please let me know.

Got the COSF wireless network temporarily hooked up to the internet using my Bamnet account, but the ip masquerading is apparently lowering the MTU. I'll have to do some ping testing and maybe change the MTU settings on all the hosts if I can't fix it on the router. Many sites work, but both gmail and Yahoo! mail are timing out. The good news is that there's negligible packet loss from one end of City of the Sun to the other, most of the time. Once we get DSL, this network should kick serious ass. Slotted waveguide antennas are da shit!

I think I found out what the bushes with the fuzzy orange or red berries are: Acacia Pycanthia. Unfortunately a google search gives very little information on it. Maybe I'm spelling it wrong, or maybe very little is known about it. One anecdote said that it made a little girl very sick, but shoot, if you eat too many crabapples you'll get sick too. They taste good, and would probably make a decent wine.

Shaved again for the new moon. Cut myself up more than usual since I skipped last month and am out of practice. But I survived. A few more months and I will have outlived my Dad, who died in the spring of 1971.

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