1992-01-01-01.jpg This was, I think, the first useful assembly language program I wrote under MS-DOS. It rendered GIF graphics on a Hercules graphics card controlled monitor. Besides its monochrome limitation, it did not work with images which were not a multiple of 8 bits wide. I can't remember when I wrote it, so just stuck that 1992 date on it...

The printout wasn't paginated, so some lines were lost forever unless I can ever dig up my source on floppy. No great loss anyway, the programming wasn't anything to write home about. Just preserving it for sentimental reasons.

1992-01-01-01.01 1992-01-01-01.02 1992-01-01-01.03 1992-01-01-01.04 1992-01-01-01.05 1992-01-01-01.06 1992-01-01-01.07 1992-01-01-01.08 1992-01-01-01.09 1992-01-01-01.10 1992-01-01-01.11 1992-01-01-01.12 1992-01-01-01.13 1992-01-01-01.14