Asserting Your Rights

This is an attempt to put together some stories and videos of people who have successfully asserted their rights to the police, without succumbing to their well-rehearsed control tactics. Please note that, even where I criticize the various people standing up for their rights, I respect what they are doing and I can't say I've done any better under the same circumstances. I probably do worse.

The first video shows a little shakiness on the part of the narrator, but he manages to stand his ground and frustrate the hell out of the control-freak Native American officer as well as the slightly less oppressive white officer. The former was really pissed off that anyone would walk up to him open-carrying a firearm. Get used to it, officer! This is New Mexico after all. Maybe you should move to the fascist state of California instead.

This guy does a little better at keeping his cool. But then again, this cop doesn't have backup and the crowd is sympathetic to the open-carrier.

Markedguardian puts up with a lot of crap from these cops and doesn't back down. They don't want to hear about their responsibility to uphold the Constitution; they get an anonymous call and that's good enough to violate your 4th amendment rights.

This one is a little different, a lady lawyer standing up to a gun club and the police. Same line here, they ID as a matter of course to fill out the report, and we are supposed to just go along with it, to hell with the Constitution. She stood her ground and did not give her name.

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