Got this idea in a dream, but don't think I have the smarts to pull it off. It's a story, possibly 300 to 500 pages, a contract law "thriller". Is there even such a genre?

The set-up: a city in a tri-state area; a legal atmosphere of "woke" progressivism at the federal level; some large event being hosted in the area that requires a large amount of bread, pastry, whatever. The baker who gets the bid has already arranged with several smaller companies to parcel out the job because he can't do it alone. All have been doing business together for years in cooperative competition, even his ex-wife, who had started her own bakery after the break-up. But this time is different. They see a chance to bring their conservative, older, friend and competitor around to a "better" way of thinking, and, spearheaded by the ex, get together and decide to hold back on their parts of the deal unless he makes some concessions.

That's all I got so far. Anybody want to run with it, be my guest.

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