I wasn't able to build wxpython on my Bullseye system even after taking the plunge and installing python2-pip. I was getting the error No package 'gtk+-3.0' found.

Found my answer here and it's building, but it may take all night at this rate.

That's for xacpi, my little Python2 script for a battery level icon on my minimalist fluxbox system.

The other program that hasn't run since the Bullseye upgrade is the original version of kybyz. I was able to python2 -m pip install rsa==4.3, and markdown, but don't know of an easy way to get uwsgi-plugin-python. So I chrooted into my buster32 debootstrap, apt-get source uwsgi-plugin-python, and now I have to remember/google how to rebuild a Debian package. Fun times.

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