My cherry tomatoes are almost done drying after only 3 or 4 days (4 I think, but Facebook shows I posted it on the 19th, so I'm not sure). I don't think one more day will hurt.

Tonight I heard a song coming from the Mariachis at Nim Restaurante that sounded a lot like Magic is the Moonlight, an old jazz standby that I learned either in high school band or in Archie Russakoff's jazz band. So I looked it up, and it was in fact adapted from a Mexican song, "Te Quiero Dijiste", written by Maria Grever. It reminded me of another song, I've mentioned before here and/or on Facebook, "Good Morning Mr. Sunshine", a Herb Alpert arrangement of a Mexican song "La Bikina".

Just about recovered, I hope, from a bout with food poisoning. Probably from some bacteria or parasites in leftovers from my birthday party left unrefrigerated for two days. Gotta watch that stuff. Had horrible diarrhea starting early Tuesday morning and lasting until Wednesday night. Still not feeling 100% but was able to go kayaking today.

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