A lot of people may be unaware of this, so even though I may have blogged about it previously, here goes: you don't need to accept the ridiculously high fees of current Bitcoin transactions if you can wait. I successfully sent money a week or two ago, from Coinomi using the "custom" fee selection, for 5 satoshis a byte. And on the 8th, I tried again using about 2.5 satoshis per byte, but that one still hasn't cleared. I may have to wait a week or three for that one. You can track progress at blockchair.com; a lot of the other block explorers show pending transactions as "invalid", saying that some of the inputs "may have been spent", based on some unknown and obviously invalid assumptions. Blockchair also shows the relative priority of your transaction among others.

But now, while typing this, I also found a nice site with graphs, that shows me I can expect it to clear over the weekend.

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