Does anyone else see anything wrong with this? The CDC, on one of their webpages, boldly proclaims "TOTAL DEATHS 65,735" due to the coronavirus, and on another page shows a total of 37,308 from covid-19, with a significant portion of the rest of the page giving disclaimers how the info is incomplete and will be filled in over the next few weeks?

If that first page is accurate, why not just use that and not the 2-weeks-late info they provide on the 2nd? And why not give us skeptics the raw data so we can analyze it ourselves? It's this lack of transparency that gives rise to the numerous conspiracies that the whole thing is a hoax, which I highly doubt. But you brought this upon yourselves with your failure to communicate better.

Anyway, my page at /covid19/ is getting more traffic as the days go by. I hope it wakes some people up.

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