I just woke up and thought of a way to inject some civility into the vaccination debate. Put out a call for adult volunteers to take the recommended child vaccine regimen, adjusted for body weight, i. e., look up body weight statistics by age, divide each adult's age by that amount, and multiply the number of jabs for that person-year by the ratio.

My prediction is that there would be few volunteers, and none at all from those in the industry with real knowledge of the dangers. And of those that do volunteer there would be some horrific vaccine injuries, including some of the more severe autoimmune reactions, or even death.

Perhaps then, those in charge of deciding such policies, and those blindly agreeing with them, would be a little more circumspect.

I can imagine that once this is set up, the FDA and CDC will come after the organizers saying that this is dangerous and that they must immediately cease and desist. That too would serve the purpose of ratcheting down the incivility in the current dialogue on the subject.

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