I just figured out a possible explanation for Mandela effects.

my hypothesis is that every time you die on a certain timeline, if you're not ready to accept death, you seamlessly get dumped into another universe in which you still live. perhaps your "soul", if such a thing exists, does this for you. small changes in details, Mandela effects, are there each time, since each universe results from one person's conscious decision as opposed to operating on "auto-pilot".

however, it moves you into progressively more dystopian corners of the multiverse each time you die, so that at some point accepting your death becomes more palatable than to continue on living.

that time in Ecuador when I was crossing an empty highway which suddenly filled with cars traveling 60MPH and above, and I started sprinting but the car in the last lane didn't slow down, and I stopped short just long enough to let him by then made it the rest of the way... I probably didn't survive that one.

so if that's the case, the decision to switch is made before the actual trauma, as in the movie Heaven can Wait.

anyway, if the above turns out to be true, then it could also be true that your thoughts and actions truly affect your reality. you could maybe turn around the progression and work back towards an ideal world. after all, if you can switch realities to avoid death, why not for other reasons?

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