I don't remember this ever happening back in the States, but in Mexico the white rice bubbles when cooking and boils over; so I have to watch it carefully and turn down the gas to a trickle as soon as it reaches the boiling point. and this doesn't work if the wind is blowing (my kitchen is outdoors) because the flame will go out, so I have to tend it very carefully.

but I was recently gifted some shredded brisket, and some refrigerator space in which to keep it, so I've been adding some before cooking — and it no longer boils over! I'm hypothesizing that the fat floating on top prevents the bubbles from forming, so it's possible that just adding some lipids of any kind could prevent it. but for the next few days at least I've got tastier rice and the added benefit of not having to watch it as closely. of course, it saves a lot of fuel when rice can simmer at the lowest possible setting, so it's good to watch it anyway.

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