today, on my way back from the workout, I finally remembered to go check out the land for sale on the street (Campeche) just north of the Vrentino restaurant which is part of Club El Moro hotel. I was astonished. there is what appears to be a freshwater pond, a little microclimate with beautiful ducks and other life right there just a short distance from the ocean. I picked some mallow and goosefoot for my salad.

I made a tiny batch of tamarind cider today: about 1/2 kilo tamarind fruit, my last 2 10-cm sticks of canela, cinnamon; a piloncillo of raw sugar, which I've had for about 2 years and showed signs of rats chewing on the plastic bag it was in, and ants and other insects living in it; and about 10-20 (a small handful) of cloves thrown in. after it had cooled off, I added yeast and let it sit over last night. today I divvied it up into two 1.5 liter bottles and topped both off with water. also added granular sugar to each bottle, a 5-count while pouring for each bottle. just playing it by ear.

the dregs from the cooking pot tasted great. I'll know in two or three days whether or not the cider itself is drinkable.

also sprouted some lentils 2 or 3 days ago, and ate some tonight, both raw and cooked. raw they taste a little like I remember peas fresh from my Mom's garden.

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