I can't remember at what age I realized that breakfast didn't have to be a special meal, that I could eat whatever I liked and not confine myself to oatmeal, cold cereal, pancakes or the like. it was at least by my 2nd year of college, but at any rate, whenever it was, it was tremendously liberating. no more did I have to have milk in the fridge; I didn't use it at any other meal. no boxes of cereal either, I'm not sure if I ever really liked the stuff. maybe only for the sugar.

so for example, there would be a breakfast of baked potatoes, or chili, or the previous night's leftover pizza. it was something I liked, and it tasted even better knowing I was doing something different, that I had broken out of my childhood programming. and as life goes on, I keep finding and breaking free from other such ingrained habits.

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