went to Ley today for some flour, and saw they had some blender parts. I couldn't find any mason jars, so couldn't check, but it looked about right so I bought one. it was only MXN15.80, about 85 cents US. and it works! the blade assembly from the blender jar I bought at the segunda is about right for the cap, and the cap fits normal (narrow) mouth canning jars. so now I can easily use my drill, with a 1/4 hex male to 1/4 square (socket) adapter, to blend things in any normal canning jar.

the UPC code on the Rosan "portovaso y empaque para licuadora" (cap and ring) package is 743701 355078.

also, I tested connecting my Workforce 18V battery charger directly to the solar panel, and the red "charging" light went on! before that I tried it with my buck converter in the circuit, to bring it down to about 20V from the approximately 33V it was putting out, but apparently that wouldn't provide enough current.

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