long time since I've posted any updates here rather than on social media.

I'm at about my first week of training my gut to digest beans. it can take several weeks, or so I understand. and it may well be impossible. if I can just stop having horrible farts and explosive bowel movements every fucking day, I'll be somewhat happy. I've learned to soak the beans overnight and rinse them, and add plenty of water, even too much, because adding cold water to cooking beans supposedly makes them impossible to soften, but neither of those tricks solve the problem. maybe they ameliorated it.

that swollen gum next to the tooth that was hurting weeks ago has not gone away. can't yet decide if I should do something about it or just leave it alone and see if it eventually fixes itself.

looking at the past bar exams is making me think twice about my career change. having to learn a statist mindset in order to pass the exam is a scary proposition. I cautioned Larkin Rose about that a few days ago, and here I am going to do the same thing myself? am I that strong? I don't know.

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