I spent most of the day fighting with Debian GNU/Linux, exim4, dovecot, and bind9, trying to solve a problem for someone whose Comcast email server suddenly and without warning changed its configuration. I finally got it working about an hour ago.

in the late afternoon, wearied from my attempts, I went for a jog, landed at Redwood Credit Union and took out the $300 I had withdrawn from my silver investments (it's so easy using UPMA over buying and selling on eBay and paying fees to both eBay and PayPal), added it to the $200 I'd managed to save from this month's budget, and paid my debt down another $500, bringing it to below $250. if and when I survive until my next Social Security payout, it'll be done. meanwhile I've got about $23 to last me the next 15 days. it's doable but I've got to be really frugal.

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