2 days ago I had $25 and change to get me through the end of the month. then I got hit with $20 taken out of my credit card by FreedomPop for going over my bandwidth allocation for the month—even though the phone was sitting a few feet from the wifi router the whole time. so I had to be really careful with my remaining $5. today I spent: $1 on a loaf of fresh-baked Safeway French bread; $1.30-something on two chicken thighs at Raley's (a good place for finding such $1 deals with enough protein for a day), and a dozen Uncle Eddie's eggs at Skippy's Egg Store, the first time I've ever made it there. that should get me through next couple days, and if it doesn't, I've still got another dollar.

last time FreedomPop did that to me it hit me completely by surprise, and I bitched about it on Twitter until I got a refund, but now I know it's in the contract and I can't really do that again. it would be nice if they'd email me and let me know I'm approaching the limit, but they don't, they only send texts to the phone itself (which I have in quiet mode and I'm not checking). anyway fuck 'em, I'm going to pull through this on my own.

one of my friends says I know how to "make a dollar sing" and she's right.

last night I got a prototype of a Python3 uWSGI blockchain explorer working. the trick is to get the server running in a thread ("enable-threads" must be enabled in your .ini file) on launch, e. g.

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # the default action goes here
elif sys.argv[0] == 'uwsgi':
    import uwsgi, threading
    SERVER = threading.Thread(target=serve, args=(BLOCKFILES, *sys.argv[2:]))

then your callable routine handles the HTTP requests.

I don't know about you, but I hardly see the point of frameworks, even a lightweight one such as Flask. you're still going to need to know the nitty-gritty of uwsgi, and the "routing" syntactic sugar really isn't worth it to me.

I'm running the Pi Network app now, and after 3 days I'm mining 0.47PI per hour. please sign up with reference code jcomeauictx and join my security group, we'll both mine more effectively.

also you might want to join me at RobinHood, so you and I both get a free stock. skip the part about giving them your bank login credentials, that's scammy and dangerous. you don't have to do it to get the stock, and there's a much safer way of funding your account: choose a bank that's not on their list, give them the account and routing numbers, and they'll make two small deposits to it, which you can then verify through the app. and even then, I'd recommend using a separate bank account dedicated to that one purpose, and only keeping in it funds you can afford to lose.

I just sold this morning the TROX stock they gave me, it was instantaneous, there were no fees, and I should be able to withdraw the $9.66 in 3 days. that's pretty good. almost $10, in a week, for just a few clicks of effort.

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