yesterday I topped up the coolant in the van, but without reading the instructions, which said to use 50-50 with distilled water; and without knowing exactly where the "FULL" line was on the damned reservoir, since it had the writing on the back side, facing the firewall. so today I had to fix it. I filled a long plastic tube from a hydration sack, that I'd found last year on the side of the road, with distilled water, put my thumb over one end, and put the other end into the reservoir. then I put the other end in a jar on the ground, releasing my thumb and letting the water siphon the excess coolant into the jar. worked perfectly, and once it got to halfway between the "FULL" and "ADD" lines, which I had previously viewed with a dental mirror and painted extension lines on the side of the reservoir, I stopped and topped up with more distilled water.

again this year, it doesn't look hopeful to have an Ace-capable sculpture for the race. my plan B is that broken Huffy Green Machine I'd found last year and repaired. I'll skip the water and just enjoy the ride, assuming I don't break down.

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