last night, or rather this morning, I woke up from a weird dream in which I was full of parasites, so much so that I could see various bugs and worms wriggling under my skin. I'm fairly sure this is a recurring theme in my dreams. I remember remarking in my dream how well I felt despite the presence of all these alien life forms in my body.

for dinner tonight I tried an experiment, a type of beef stroganoff using onions, garlic, machaca (shredded jerky), yogurt, and butter, along with a little black pepper and soy sauce. it was an unqualified success. I made 3 tacos and a hand pie with it, and so far the tacos alone satisfied my appetite so I still have the pie for tomorrow.

roughly, the recipe is: chop half a medium onion and two cloves of garlic and sauté in butter. add a handful of machaca, about half the volume of the onions before they shrink from cooking. add more butter to rehydrate the machaca. when the onions have lost their sting, add about two tablespoons of yogurt, season with black pepper and soy sauce or salt, and move to the edge of the comal. roll out your pie crusts and/or tortillas from the dough you made earlier in the day, and spoon the "stroganoff" onto the flour creations you made.

I made 3 tacos and a pie, and the tacos were enough to satisfy my dinner appetite, so I still have the pie for tomorrow. I'd say the experiment is an unqualified success, despite the lack of mushrooms. I might do this again and again.

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