if I had had painkillers on hand last Monday night I'm pretty sure I would have taken some. I couldn't sleep from the pain in my left foot and was worried I wouldn't be able to for a few days. however, by 4AM or so I slept from sheer exhaustion and by Tuesday night the pain had diminished to where I was able to get a good night's sleep. so I'm glad I don't have any. I might never have realized how good my body is at healing itself.

those Tevas I bought at a yard sale down here in La Paz a few years ago and have been keeping in storage fell apart after just a month or so wearing them. the sole is peeling right off. this isn't the first pair I've had this problem with, either. it's as though nobody makes quality footwear any more.

trying to cure my athlete's foot again. I have my wetsocks on with bicarb inside, but this time there are small holes in the socks and I'm not sure it's going to work. it seemed that the key a few years back was the alkaline "steam bath" I kept them in.

finished my tourtiere meat yesterday. it was a good experiment. next time I'll have to also try a vegetarian version using shredded jicama.

I had a little work with getting a broken clickfunnels site back online. when I took on the job, I had no idea what clickfunnels are, and I'm still fairly clueless on the subject. it looks as though they keep everything deliberately obscure, so that not even their clients know what's going on. their whole website is encoded in their own jargon. I finally realized they're using cloudflare for hosting the pages their software generates, but I could never find out how to configure it such as adding .htaccess files or installing an SSL certificate. I finally ended up using my client's clickfunnels.com subdomain and redirecting to his home page from his own domain instead of trying to deal with their clueless customer support.

roasted a microbatch of green coffee beans today, first time in years. one really cool thing about La Paz, and possibly many cities in Mexico, is that green coffee beans are sold in just about any supermarket. I've never noticed that back in the states.

I had more things to share but I've forgotten. maybe it'll come back to me later.

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