so as it turns out, I didn't injure my ankle after all, just the heel of my left foot. you'd think I'd be able to localize it better than that, but whatever, it took a few days to know for sure. anyway, the pain has lessened to where I could do my 15 minute jog again today.

if I'd had painkillers on hand Monday night, when the pain was so severe I couldn't sleep, I might have taken them. glad I didn't. by the next night the pain was totally tolerable. by this (Friday) morning it was all but gone.

I had a little job recently dealing with clickfunnels. what a crock of shit that company is. they package a product in total gobbledygook. nobody even knows what the fuck they're getting, everything on their page is their own made-up jargon. you have no control over what they give you, and when it fails you have to hope you get someone in customer support who knows what's going on.

as it turns out, all they provide is webpage generation, and hosting which is in turn provided by cloudflare.

anyway, after failing to get clickfunnels to remove the redirect to SSL (https), which wasn't working because the cert got deleted somehow, I finally redirected the A record to the client's Godaddy site, for which at least I had control over DNS and .htaccess, and put in redirects to the [client].clickfunnels.com page. this seems to be working well.

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