not many places to hydrate on the mountain; several ponds but fenced off and/or with "NO TRESPASSING" signs. found one brook that came out of a culvert on the roadside, where I could stick my head just under the fence and drink from my Sawyer water filter straw; then a while later, continuing up the mountain, found about 10 ounces of water left in a Core Hydration bottle and drank it. on the way down, found another brook (or perhaps the same one as before, on the opposite side) and drank from it, again using the Sawyer filter.

didn't have to pee for over 12 hours (about 10:20 AM to about 11:00 PM), presumably because I was sweating out all the water I was taking in; just like that last trip in La Paz to refill the propane bottles. had no urge whatsoever.

I think it was about 20 miles total, possibly as much as 22. really bummed I couldn't make it to Sonoma because of the gate, but now I know for sure, and can maybe do something about it.

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