a few days ago I got a $5 task in my earn.com inbox from HBUS.com. after signing up and passing their KYC (know your customer) bullshit, including sending photocopies of my driver's license, and waiting a few days, I got $15 in USDT (Tether) deposited automatically into my account. I bought Litecoin with it and had it sent to my Coinomi wallet. so overall I made about $20 from that few minutes invested. not bad.

and tonight on my way back from the cabin out near Lassen, I spotted a smartphone in the middle of the street. not long afterwards, a call came in from "Dad" which I answered, and delivered the phone to my neighbors a few blocks away. their son had lost it out on his motorcycle not long before. the Mom gave me a dozen eggs as a thank-you, and I found a package of Aidell's chicken meatballs on the ground outside the dumpster at Grocery Outlet. so my protein needs for the next few days are met, but I was hoping for something better for tonight; spent $3 and change at Petaluma Market for .4 pounds of Progressive Pastures grass-fed beef and made a burger out of it. very yummy.

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