jogged/walked into Novato today to see if the route along 101 still works. it does, but it's different. maybe if/when I get back next spring the bike route will be complete.

forgot to tag off with my Clipper card when I got to 2nd and C in Petaluma, so I paid the full fare to Santa Rosa, $10. damn. that hurts. I found $3 on the sidewalk in Novato outside a pizza joint, so that mitigated it somewhat, but losing all that money is still painful to contemplate.

that whole Clipper card thing is just evil. the buses should accept credit cards, just like they accept cash, and let you pay in advance for the distance you're going. someday I'll get even and put GGT and Clipper out of business by coming up with a new, personal transit system that obsoletes their stupid monopoly.

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