the "flat earthers", over the last couple of years, seem to have latched onto a new conspiracy, that of "directed energy weapons", and a lot of Twitter and Facebook bandwidth is taken up by supposed photos of such in action.

one in particular that's been tossed around a lot is this tweet by the Klamath National Forest Service. the FS says it's a lens flare, but if you read the other comments on the tweet, it's being used as evidence of a DEW in action.

interestingly enough, one of the conspiracy websites, on the 2nd half of the linked page, shows the photo along with a claimed "original", but if you look closely at the latter you'll see it is lacking a lot of detail compared to the tweeted photo, and in particular the area where the lens flare should be is all washed out. this leads me to believe the bottom photo is in fact the one photoshopped. what they're trying to accomplish with this bit of disinformation is puzzling to me.

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