might be making somewhat longer blog posts for a while; one of my long-term clients bought me a new laptop. I left the old netbook in Mexico thinking eventually I'd buy something used up here, and not have to lug computers back and forth any more, but I was basically gifted this so I'll be using it.

I've forgotten many of the things I wanted to post about the trip up the coast, and the Kinetic Grand Championship. it's just too painful typing on the little Android phones. but I remember the time I fell crossing Iris Avenue, on the far side of the street, failing to notice the difference in elevation in the sidewalk. I remember finding LimeBikes in the street starting as early as San Ysidro and being curious about them, then finally taking one for a free ride for about 7 miles between Chula Vista and downtown San Diego. and I have a vivid memory of some loquats I found on Nimitz Blvd. approaching Ocean Beach, not quite at the perfect stage of ripeness but still sweet and delicious. I hit the beach in La Jolla Shores a little later than I'd wanted to, but I kept a good pace and easily reached Torrey Pines State Beach before the rising tide made that stretch impassable. then I got some sleep, so it was probably too late to continue on the coast all the way to 29th street in Del Mar; so I walked along the tracks to 11th or so and then got back on the highway. no nosy cops encountered this trip.

then I only had about two weeks to prepare for the KGC, and little money. I only managed to jog the race again this year. lost a bunch of stuff in Humboldt Bay, thanks to my bags which were open on top, and had to exit the water early because the tide was turning against me. anyway I had fun and didn't sustain any injuries worth mentioning.

counting down the days to my first Social Security retirement "check". hoping the direct deposit just works and I don't have to spend hours on the phone trying to figure out what went wrong.

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