last night as I went to place garbage for pickup outside the post office, I noticed a once-familiar sight: the taco stand of Carnitas Don Abraham, which graced this street for years but disappared about a year ago after the founder's son was murdered. I guess the lovely smell of carnitas will soon grace the neighborhood once again.

dumped the oil I changed out at the marina today. the owner, Mac Shroyer, came over and let me know that it's not for public use, only for clientele of the marina. so now I've got to find another place. but I won't need it for another couple years, most likely.

coLinux allows me to blog again, but I probably won't get full use of my Linux partition again until I can make another bootable USB, since all the binaries are now 64-bit. I still don't really have a clue what went wrong. I placed a 32-bit sash into the /bin directory, and passed init=/bin/sash to the kernel, and still couldn't get a command prompt.

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