in this process of attempting to claim Bytether, which I'm guessing eventually is supposed to send ETH to my Ethereum wallet address but I'm not even really sure of that, I'm striking out trying to find what minimum amount of gwei per gas unit will attract a miner to process my transaction. I've tried several times already and each transaction disappears after anywhere from a few hours to a day.

it doesn't help that the Metamask plugin for Chrome is ridiculously difficult to use. it seems to be some magic combination of hovering, clicking, and moving the mouse that makes the little fox face expand into a usable dialog box.

all in all, a totally frustrating and unrewarding experience. on top of that, I find out that there is no checksum in ETH addresses, so my little experiment with changing the last character to see if their software detected a problem only fucked me over. of course I did it with the highest balance address.

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