haven't gotten much work done since the fires started. I keep going from Facebook to email alerts to the fire maps. today the smoke is bad but the wind is still from the northwest. early tomorrow it starts in from NNE, and by Sunday we'll have easterly winds all day, albeit light.

the pot stand on my BushBuddy Ultra camp stove finally broke. it was held by a ring of spot welds, and I've been abusing it all summer with a heavy cast iron pan. it wasn't designed for that. I made a ring with some wire, just bigger than the diameter of the stove, and bent it up at 3 points so it just fits inside the top of the stove and holds the pot at about 3/4" above the top. it's not very good but should suffice to the end of the month anyway, and then I can think about it all winter while I'm in Mexico.

the Sprouts supermarket is still yielding surprises. got 1/2 pound of chicken hearts and gizzards there yesterday for 70 cents. that, combined with leftover (4 days now) bacon and (2 days now) steak made a great dinner, and still have maybe a pound and a half of leftovers, mostly bacon from that 3-pound bag I dumpster dived early in the week. now that the Petaluma Senior Center is closed due to having to divert the staff to the emergency shelters, my Tuesday "food grab" is off the table, so I don't have the luxury of free organic bread and yogurt. I'm sure there are places where I can get handouts, but the beauty of that was that I didn't have to beg, or prove need, or anything like that. it passed my "Bill Gates" test: if old Bill were to show up and stand in line, he could get some too, no questions asked. so I'll be making do with cheap pasta for carbs and skip the probiotics, since I'm out of brine pickles and probably won't be making more before I leave. just got to make sure not to stress my immune system too much. right now it's busy fighting infection from the black salve treatment on my right hand. still have at least 3 more bumps to treat but those might have to wait until next summer.

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