I live on a planet where just about everybody has guns, and are shooting them all day long. mostly they shoot at each other, as they move, and all the shots and the movement are at the same speed, so nobody gets hurt. and when I need to get across a line of them, they almost always stop shooting long enough for me to get across, although sometimes one of them can be seen taking up the slack on the trigger. in any case the guns are pointed at me the whole time.

occasionally though, they don't stop shooting, and I have to stick my hand out, hoping they won't hit it, in order to get across. and sometimes I'll be halfway across, and someone who wasn't aiming at me before suddenly decides to shoot at me, and I have to run to avoid being hit.

3 times, when I was living in Florida, I was grazed by shots from different people. nothing serious, thankfully.

if you've read this far, you probably realize that I'm speaking metaphorically about cars. if it were really guns, you'd think what a dystopian world I'm in. but since it's cars, it's "normal". and that's where the problem lies.

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