my solar oven, without even a single reflector, just a wood box with a glass cover, got up over 150 degrees today according to the oven thermometer inside. plenty of heat for sous vide cooking. it was too late in the afternoon before I got around to putting my pound of Thomas Farms grass-fed beef I picked up on sale for $3. so I'll have to cook my casserole later.

for a few years now I've been lighting campfires by the "top down" method, ever since I learned it from some kayakers from Sacramento. but it's only recently that I've adapted it for my little Bushbuddy Ultra stick stove. stack the wood in crisscross layers, biggest at the bottom, to the top of the stove proper; then add the potholder and pile on tinder, especially oily human hair if you have some. light the tinder, and the fire should ignite the twigs below, which ignites the larger pieces below that. this morning's coffee was my first failure using this method, because it was a foggy night and there was no dry tinder to be found.

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