last night I cooked 2 packs of linguini, totaling 1 pound, with a pound of bacon. a better mix, but I'm already tired of it. I got a half pound of organic chicken breast tonight, on sale at Grocery Outlet for a dollar. found some organic green onions in the dumpster (packaged, of course) to make it a little more appealing. they're almost out of the Don Simón Cabernet, so I picked up another bottle at $1.99 while it's still available.

finished re-reading 50 Degrees Below this afternoon. as usual, there were lots of things I had forgotten. all the dead-ends from Frank's life such as the woman in the kayak -- the possession of Joe by some Tibetan spirit, and subsequent exorcism -- the unsatisfactory ending. but mostly what struck me this time was the almost fawning statism, the depiction of the NSF scientists being the saviors of the earth, with the Democratic party being their enablers.

but I still liked Zeno and the boys. the one refreshing breath of fresh air I could count on again and again. oh, and Spencer and the frisbee golf guys too. I think that part of the book was my inspiration to dumpster dive for food.

down to a week before leaving for Arcata Plaza. it's still in the realm of possibility I'll have an ace-capable vehicle ready on time. but I've got to prep my plan B machine too, so I can carry my gear comfortably this time without too much risk of it getting road rash, as in previous years.

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