well, I've already started drinking as of about an hour ago, so it's safe to say I didn't and won't accomplish any of my goals for 2016. I didn't pay down my debts any significant amount; I didn't get a "kinetic sculpture", or really any human-powered vehicle built; and kybyz is still unusable for anybody but me.

however, I did manage to live on my $9/day budget, with $3 each going towards food, regular non-food (COSF dues, server fees, gym membership, etc.), and miscellaneous (supplies, tools, personal non-food) expenses. and I wasn't a burden on taxpayers, only on my long-suffering lady.

not sure I'll make any goals for the upcoming year. I never seem to accomplish them anyway. maybe I'll just keep my list of projects, and hack away at them as I find the ambition.

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