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opening a port on the Telmex HG532e is a pain in the ass. these instructions don't work, or at least don't on this system. instead of one step, there are two, and you can only allow one outside IP address in per forwarding entry.

first you need to give your internal host a static IP address. that can be done under Básico|LAN|DHCP, under Tabla del servidor de DHCP. copy-and-paste the MAC address of the host you want to give a static IP into the Dirección MAC input box, select one of the available IPs to the left or just leave it at the default, and click Guardar. you will probably need to restart that host for it to get its new IP, unless you want to wait for an hour or so until the DHCP lease expires.

then, under Avanzado|NAT|Edición Aplicaciones, click on the Nuevo button towards the top right. then scroll to the bottom you will find the dialog box. I entered ipcam3. click Guardar. wait for page reload, and scroll to the bottom again. there is another Nuevo button there, click that one, not the one at the top right of the page.

there you will be prompted for internal ports, external ports, and protocol. fill those out as you normally would, e.g. 80 to 80 for internal, 10080 to 10080 for external, TCP. click Guardar.

now back to the top of the page, click Mapeo de puerto. here is where you select the Aplicación you just created, ipcam3 in my case, and enter the IP addresses of the remote host (Anfitrión remoto) and local host (Anfitrión interno) and click Guardar. with any luck, now you should be able to reach your IP cam or whatever from the outside host you specified, at the port you chose.

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