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it turns out the biscuit mix I make is quite similar to this tortilla recipe. the biggest difference is that for tortillas you need to knead the dough for a few minutes, and you need to roll it out thin. I did that, except instead of rolling I just flattened it against the cold griddle, flour underneath and on top to keep from sticking, as best I could with the palm of my hand. then I put a gob of coconut oil on the pan and heated it up. while that was going on I took a single chile arból and ground it in my molcajete and added it to the last 100g or so of machaca I had; added water and heated the meat with coconut oil and set it off to the side.

then I cooked the two tortillas I had formed, and made two tacos with the meat mixture. they were delicious. 1 chile was just right; two would have been far too spicy for my taste.

finally one of my cooking experiments turned out well.

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