this time walked the beach all the way from 29th street in Del Mar to La Jolla Shores, only having to climb over rocks near the round house at Scripps. even about 2 hours after low tide, the access at the Marine Room still had plenty of beach. but the first obstacle, approaching Black's Beach from the north, where last time I took the Indian trail around it, this time I walked between "the rock and the hard place". there was an unexpected dip, and I went in about halfway up to my knees, but no problem really. it would have been easy in any other situation.

I'm in bad shape. the weight is really getting to me this time, and the cold I caught just before leaving is getting worse.

I'm in the library in National City, charging my devices and resting up. it'll be another long night, and then if all goes well I'll be in La Paz about this time tomorrow.

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