lost power about 0655 localtime. raining hard again, and looks as though it will hang around for a while this time.

noticed something a few weeks ago, but forgot to blog it. you may know that I've used a few grams of liquor in the morning as mouthwash for years now. just a sip is all it takes, after brushing my teeth and tongue. however, more recently I noticed that if I take a sip at night, after flossing, I wake up with no morning breath whatsoever.

got enough work to get me through the monthly credit card payments, now if I can just complete it on time. the current job is using JSmol, a fascinating molecular viewer that has been around in the Java form for a long time but was recently rewritten in JavaScript for HTML5-capable browsers. I've been having a lot of problems trying to use deferred loading, either through window.onload and/or Jmol.setDocument(0), but when I do it either of those ways, the _applet and some other attributes don't get populated in the object. all I get is the spinner.

so anyway, I rewrote the Django template code to just form the applets in-place using Jmol.getApplet(). problem solved. now I've got a bunch more coding to do before I get paid.

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