so it turns out the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm is apparently not applicable to the pseudorandom number pattern I was attempting to generate, and from which I wished to extrapolate the next 5 numbers. and my edits to the Wikipedia article were reverted by someone with a lot more clout than I have. so I have a net gain of zero. maybe someday I'll learn more about Galois fields, but that's pretty much out for tonight.

anyway, I made enough to pay most of my bills for this month. not gonna sweat it.

the fig tree next to the high school is finally producing its second round of ripe fruit. picked the first one off the sidewalk yesterday I think. it tasted great. and tomorrow morning is the great food grab at the senior center. I think I'll get through the next month and a half just fine. and then it's back to Mexico for the winter.

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