Upwork suspended my account a little while ago, falsely accusing me of asking for offsite payment, which they say is against the rules because it's "for our [the workers] protection", but we all know it's because they won't get their 20% fee. I wish it had continued at 10%, but it's their site, their rules, and as far as I know, I've followed them. I'm pissed.

on a more positive note, there were Full Circle organic baguettes at the senior center again today, so I took one. and found some good fruit/vegetable smoothies and a half gallon of lemon juice in my favorite grocery store dumpster.

and two nights ago, we saw a jackrabbit and two deer on our evening walk. first rabbit of any kind I've seen in this neighborhood of Petaluma. and last night we passed within a few feet of an owl, after he'd flown off the first bush as we had approached, to another just down the trail. I was spooked, remembering the old Indian superstition that they warned of impending death. but nobody I know died today, that I know of.

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