spent the better part of the past 48 hours reverse-engineering a broken audio recording, by studying the sox sources and various Google results on IMA ADPCM WAV files. the client may not even hire me because my bid is way over his budget, but it was fun anyway.

two nights ago I made a tasty dish with .8 pounds of organic chicken tenders (pre-sliced, boned, skinned breast meat), a pound (uncooked) of penne pasta, and a half pound of shredded cheese (mix of 4 Italian cheeses). it cost me $6 at Grocery Outlet and lasted me 4 meals. I've been having good luck cooking pasta with minimal water; just enough to cover, then boil for 5 minutes or so, stirring constantly, then haybox for a while after stirring in the other ingredients. also uses minimal fuel that way; water is expensive to bring to a boil.

tested denatured alcohol in my Bushbuddy Ultra stick stove. it works, but it's a bit scary with the boiling fuel and large flame. I can easily see how it could set off a forest fire if I didn't notice overhanging branches of some volatile tree above, like that of an evergreen or Eucalyptus. want to try kerosene one of these days too, but it's been too windy lately.

still living within my means, paying down my credit lines, albeit a bit more slowly than when I started. not very motivated, and Facebook is taking a lot of my time, particularly with the social unrest beginning. this is shaping up to be a really "interesting" year for sure.

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