I went and visited my hillside hideout recently. someone had opened the suitcase and left the jacket to get full of spiders, rain, and possibly mold, so I stuck it in the fork of the tree to dry out and see if it's salvageable some later date. also, the jar of homemade sauerkraut had been left on the ground and it still looks good, but I didn't open it up. the chair was still there and in reasonably good condition, but the ink had faded so I wrote over it with my Sharpie. some lazy scumbag left a paper cup there and I just left it for now. I'll hopefully go back soon and pick it up.

there are a few plum trees just down the hill from there that are still bearing fruit, including one of the luscious yellow plums. I should really try and do some trading on the local black market but I'm afraid I'm too damned lazy to bother, especially when there are so many other options for cheap and free food.

we picked some blackberries near the top of the hill last night. got two quarts in about 15 minutes.

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